PostgreSQL specific lookups


The unaccent lookup allows you to perform accent-insensitive lookups using a dedicated PostgreSQL extension.

This lookup is implemented using Transform, so it can be chained with other lookup functions. To use it, you need to add 'django.contrib.postgres' in your INSTALLED_APPS and activate the unaccent extension on PostgreSQL. The UnaccentExtension migration operation is available if you want to perform this activation using migrations).

The unaccent lookup can be used on CharField and TextField:

>>> City.objects.filter(name__unaccent="México")
['<City: Mexico>']

>>> User.objects.filter(first_name__unaccent__startswith="Jerem")
['<User: Jeremy>', '<User: Jérémy>', '<User: Jérémie>', '<User: Jeremie>']


unaccent lookups should perform fine in most use cases. However, queries using this filter will generally perform full table scans, which can be slow on large tables. In those cases, using dedicated full text indexing tools might be appropriate.